The Jumping Slug
Community Cyclery

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you guys?

We're right in Port Alberni! You can find our funky shop right on the corner of Roger St. and 10th Ave. (4282 10th Ave. to be specific). You can call us at 250-724-6556.

When are you open?

At the moment, we're open to sales and repair appointments 10am to 5:30pm, Tuesday through Saturday.

Do you fix e-Bikes?

You bet your electric powered bottom we do! We are certified technicians for Shimano Steps as well as Bosch eBikes.

Are you guys nice?

Yes, very! Behind the scraggly beards of our crew are very caring people. We might even give you a physically distanced air hug.

Some Services

We specialize in a wide variety of bikes, making them safe and actually enjoyable to ride. Just remember, all parts are extra!


  • Minor service, but goes a long way!
  • Bolt check
  • Lubrication of the chain
  • Inflate tire pressure

Tune Up

  • Everything in "minor" plus:
  • Replacement of cables and housing
  • Align & adjustment of brakes, derailleurs, and hanger
  • Adjustment of bottom bracket, headset, and hubs
  • Installation of brake pads
  • * Hydraulic brake bleeds are $15 extra per brake.


  • Everything in "tune up" plus:
  • Full replacement of drivetrain (Chain rings, chain, and cassette)
  • Full removal of drivetrain. (Crankset, chain, and cassette)
  • Degrease all parts
  • Oil and grease applied to drivetrain where necessary


  • Everything in "advanced" plus:
  • Replacement or overhaul of free hub
  • Replacement or overhaul of bottom bracket
  • Headset overhaul
  • Fork and/or rear shock - 50 hour
  • * Prices are $150 for rigid, $200 for hardtail, $250 for full suspension.

We feature top-tier brands!

Here are a few of our favourites.

Our Team

The people that make us so great!

Lee Blais


Lee spends a lot of time traveling around the island backroads by bike. If you want to check out cool remote locations, talk to this guy.

Charles Thomas


Charles is the human inventory computer and lover of all bicycles. He's also the shop fuzzy sweetheart.

Nik Kay

Senior Mechanic

Specializing in Tsunami tune ups and going fast, Nik is our resident pro racer.

Cory Haggerty


Not your average bike snob. Cory is a pop culture savant and fashion consultant.

Cortland Thibodeau

Tech Guy

Self proclaimed shop internet nerd. Likes snacks.